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Things are not always what they seem

There are places available everywhere to find stuff that you can use to add unique detail to your Halloween yard haunt or party decorations. Part of this comes from knowing where to look, and part of it comes from knowing how to look.

The latter may be the more difficult. You have to teach your brain that things are not always what they appear to be. While a plaster, garden angle statue may be just that, it can also make a great tombstone - or part of a tombstone. treasure chest halloween propAn antique post lamp may look great on your patio, but it can also add some great detail to the entry of your yard haunt or cemetery. Don't be afraid to experiment.

Also, you may find something that may have potential at a garage sale or The Goodwill Store or a swap meet, but isn't exactly what you're hoping for. Don't lose hope!! Remember, Halloween decorating is all about customizing. Don't be afraid to transform something to make it completely your own.

A great example of this is the treasure chest we found at The Goodwill Store. When we got it, it was painted blue and gold - certainly nothing any decent pirate would be caught dead with. But, with a little work and some patience, it was transformed into one of the focal points of our pirate's cove display.

Lastly, in this age of recycling and re-using, Halloween is no different than anything else. Old or even torn costumes, parts, and accessories are perfect for prop building. Dressing up a Bucky Skeleton with a pirate shirt, a pirate wig, and a pirate hat for example will give you an instant pirate corpse. And, it'll be completely of your own design.

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