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Witch's Cooking Tri-pod

Materials Required
- 3 - 6-7 ft. relatively straight tree branches
- 2 - 12 in. wire ties
- 1 - 3/8 in. x 8-10 ft. manila rope
- 1 - 1/4 in. anchor shackle
- 1 - 3-4 ft. chain

Optional Materials
- Life-size Grey Witch
- Life-size Light-Up Evil Eyes Witch
- Hanging Rotten Skulls
- Sitting Cat
- Freaky Fabric (Black)
- Realistic Crow Wings Up (Large)
- Rat (Large)
- Some life-like skulls
- A cauldron

Tools Required
- Safety goggles
- Wire cutters
- Hot glue gun

The list of materials and tools required listed above as well as the measurements and some of the pricing provided in the instructions below are provided as examples. They are accurate for the item we built and may not exactly meet your needs. Please, before you go out and buy a bunch of materials and (possibly) tools, read the instructions below and determine what it is you need for your project. A few minutes of planning and preparation will save you a lot of time, frustration, and (possibly) money, too.

And, of course, please feel free to modify any of the instructions below if you know of a better way to accomplish some of the tasks we've described. If you do, please feel free to send them my way at We'd love to hear from you.


This project involves the use of power tools. If you are not comfortable working with power tools, I would recommend you not attempt this project. While the work is fairly non-complex, it does still pose a safety risk if done incorrectly. Please, use caution when attempting to do any kind of work with power tools.

Also, when doing any kind of work like this, please make sure to work safely and to follow all safety precautions on applicable tools materials. Use common sense precautions to protect yourself and others from injury. Always wear your safety goggles, work in a well-ventilated space.

Skeleton Foundry provides these instructions on an informational basis only. IN NO CASE WILL SKELETON FOUNDRY BE LIABLE FOR PERSONAL INJURY, DAMAGE TO PROPERY OR OTHER DAMAGES ARISING FROM YOUR USE OF THESE INSTRUCTIONS. You assume your own risk by doing so.

Witch's Camp Fire Scene I wanted to create a scene which involved a witch. And, the best scene I could think of was the scene from Shakespeare's "Macbeth" where the three witches are seen brewing up a potion in a cauldron. You know the one - "Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble." Anyway, I only had one witch, but I figured I could replicate their scene in the cave with just one witch. To do so, I'd have to create a cooking tri-pod and a camp fire. This project is quick and easy Halloween do-it-yourself project and can be completed in a couple hours.


1. Please read all the instructions BEFORE you go out and buy anything.
2. Gather your tree branches. They should be relatively straight, about 2-3 in. diameter, and about 6-7 ft. long.
3. Form a pyramid using the branches with its apex being about 1 ft. from the top of the branches. The bottoms of the branches should be about 3-4 ft. apart from one another and form a triangle.
4. Using your wire ties, secure the branches in place then clip off the excess material. This is only a temporary measure to allow you to work more easily.
5. loop for pot to hang on toUsing your rope, create a 6 in. loop below where the three branches meet. It should look something like this:
6. secure branches with ropeNow, loop the rope through the branches to secure them in place. Make sure to keep the rope taught while doing so. It should look something like this:
7. wrap rope around branchesNext, wrap the rope around the branches gathering them together tighly. When you reach the end, loop the very end under the lowest full rope and hot glue it in place.
8. Now, attach the 1/4 in. anchor shackle to the loop of rope created in step 5.
9. cooking tri-pod in witch sceneLast, attach your chain to the anchor shackle and you're done. Here's what ours looked like once we dressed it all up.
10. Included in the pict. above are the following items, but feel free to mix and match anything from the store you feel is best for your particular needs:
- Life-size Grey Witch
- Hanging Rotten Skulls
- Sitting Cat
- Freaky Fabric (Black)
- Realistic Crow Wings Up (Large)
- Some life-like skulls
- A cauldron
11. Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed this Halloween do-it-yourself project. Please let us know what you think at