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Bloody Skull Candle Lamp

Finished Bloody Skull Candle Lamp

I wanted to have the first Halloween do-it-yourself project listed in our GIY Projects section to be fun, interesting, and challenging, but not too difficult. I started this Halloween DIY project because I wanted to create some accent lighting for my annual Halloween party. It will most likely be used somewhere on the food or drink table, but I am sure it'll work just as well anywhere - even the bathroom.

This project will use just about all your Halloween DIY skills. It does involve the use of 110v AC electricity. So, if that makes you uncomfortable, you can substitute the 110v AC candle lamp with a battery-operated LED candle. You can get these at most hobby/craft stores year 'round. They are also readily available at just about any store around Christmas time.

Materials Required
- 1 Adult Skull (3 pc.)
- 1 pkg. of Hot Blood Stix
- Small table or accent lamp
- Electric candle lamp
- 1 Flicker bulb
- 1 5x7x1/4 inch wooden plaque
- 3-4 Various latex or acrylic paints
- Polyurethane/stain mix
- 1 3-inch nail

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Bucky Adult Skull (3 pc.)
Bucky Adult Skull (3 pc.)
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Hot Blood Stix
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Tools Required
- Dremel (or similar rotary tool)
- + medium grit sanding wheel
- + cutting disc
- Needle-nose pliers
- Jewelers philips-head screwdriver
- Wire cutters
- Heavy string or packing tape
- Safety goggles
- Painter's breathing mask
- Power drill w/ 1/4 inch bit
- Latex gloves
- Electrical tape
- Fine grit sand paper
- Wire caps
- 1.5 inch foam brush
- Hammer
- Sand-art bottles (or paper cups and eye-dropper)
- Hot glue gun and a few hot glue sticks
- Drinking straw
- Ruler

The list of materials and tools required listed above as well as the measurements and some of the pricing provided in the instructions below are provided as examples. They are accurate for the item we built and may not exactly meet your needs. Please, before you go out and buy a bunch of materials and (possibly) tools, read the instructions below and determine what it is you need for your project. A few minutes of planning and preparation will save you a lot of time, frustration, and (possibly) money, too.

And, of course, please feel free to modify any of the instructions below if you know of a better way to accomplish some of the tasks we've described. If you do, please feel free to send them my way at We'd love to hear from you.


This project involves 110v electricity and electrical materials. If you are not comfortable working with electricity, I would recommend you not attempt this project. While the work is fairly non-complex (similar to changing an electrical cord on a desk lamp), it does still pose a safety risk if done incorrectly. Please, use caution when attempting to do any kind of electrical work.

Also, when doing any kind of work like this, please make sure to work safely and to follow all safety precautions on applicable tools and materials. Use common sense precautions to protect yourself and others from injury. Always wear your safety goggles, work in a well-ventilated space and when necessary, such as when using the solvents in this project, use a protective breathing mask.

Skeleton Foundry provides these instructions on an informational basis only. IN NO CASE WILL SKELETON FOUNDRY BE LIABLE FOR PERSONAL INJURY, DAMAGE TO PROPERY OR OTHER DAMAGES ARISING FROM YOUR USE OF THESE INSTRUCTIONS. You assume your own risk by doing so.


1. Please read all the instructions BEFORE you go out and buy anything.
2. Disassembled skull. Start by disassembling your Bucky Adult Skull (3 pc.) making sure to remove all hardware (ie. screws, nuts, and springs). A jewelers screwdriver and needle-nose pliers will come in handy for this.
3. Once your Bucky skull is disassembled, use a Dremel tool (or similar rotary tool) with the medium grit sanding wheel to remove any "flash." (Flash is the extra bits of plastic usually found on edges or along seems left over from the manufacturing process.)Remove any flash. Put your Dremel tool on slow to medium speed. Move slowly across the excess plastic and remove a little at a time until it's gone. What you don't want to do is dig into the skull.
4. Safety Note - Make sure to wear your protective eyewear and breathing mask. You DO NOT want the particles or dust created when sanding your Bucky skull to get into your eyes or lungs.
5. Keep the peg!Make sure while you are removing the flash you do not remove the alignment pegs. These are necessary for properly seating the top of the skull onto the base.
6. Lamp. After that is completed, it's time to work on the lamp. You don't need anything expensive. I picked this one up at Michael's craft store for $7 on clearance. It came complete with a thumb switch on the power cord. You can find lamps like this just about anywhere (Dollar Store, Big Lots, etc.). And, you might even find one at a flea market or garage sale. I kept mine small mostly for style and balance reasons, but feel free to let your imagination run wild.
7. Style Choice - I threw out the lamp shade because my intent was to put a candle on top. But, the end product will look just as good as a lamp with a shade. It's completely up to you. If that is your choice, you will have to modify and/or skip some of the following steps in order to accomplish that goal.
8. Then, I removed the stem and cut the wires going to the light socket.
  Remove lamp stem and cut wires. Lamp socket.
9. Since the socket on this lamp was riveted to the metal support bracket, I took it outside and gently tapped on it until only the rivet remained. I then took a pair of tin snips and cut the rivet off.
10. Remove the power cord from the body of the lamp and put it aside. It's only going to get in the way and you can easily re-insert it later.
11. Electric candle lamp.The last thing to take apart is the electric candle lamp. I found this one at the Dollar Store. I had a light sensor built into the stem of the candle which could sense when the room got dark and automatically turn the light on.
12. Remove the metal base and cut the power cord about 6 inches from the bottom of the plastic "candle" tube. The, using your Dremel tool with cutting disc cut the plastic candle tube 3.5 to 4 inches from the top. Move slowly and make sure you don't cut too deep. You don't want to cut the electrical wires going to the light sock at the top.
13. Safety Note - Make sure to wear your protective eyewear when using your Dremel's cutting disc. It spins at very high velocity and can break very easily. A small shard from the disc can easily take out an eye.
14. Putting things back together. After all that disassembling, it's finally time to start putting things together. Take your lamp and insert the metal support bracket into the hole at the base of your Bucky skull. The size of this lamp was a near perfect fit. The, using heavy string or packaging tape, secure them together temporarily. I did it while the two were upside down since the flat, cut edge of the skull made a stable surface from which to work, but do it however it makes the process easier for you. Once that is done, flip the two right side up and bend the metal support bracket down until it is in firm contact with the inside bottom of the skull.
15. Hot glue skull joint.To make this joining permanent, apply hot glue to the joint between the skull and the lamp on both the inside and the outside. On the outside, use some discretion because you don't want people to see a giant glob of hot glue sitting at the base of the skull. And, to insure you don't get any hot glue inside the whole for the power cord, insert a drinking straw before applying any hot glue on the inside of the skull. Also, be sure to apply a liberal amount onto the metal support bracket to give it a bit more of a secure fit. If you can connect the hot glue applied on the under side of the skull with that applied inside through the hole in the skull, you will create a very strong bond. Give the hot glue a few mins. to cool and set, then remove the string or tape.
16. Go around the skull looking for the holes created for the hardware. Fill each of them in with a small dab of hot glue.
17. Thread power cord through lamp and skull. Now, thread the power cord through the lamp and the base of the skull. Then, tie a knot into the power cord once you've got about 6 inches fed through.
18. Replace top of skull.Check Point — Replace the top of the skull onto the base. Your project should look something like this, now.

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