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Bloody Cutting Board

Finished Bloody Cutting Board

This Halloween DIY project is quick and easy, but can add some great, gory detail to your Halloween kitchen decorations or food table. Once completed, this prop can be stored and will last for years to come. The materials costs are pretty inexpensive. And, you can tell everyone you made it yourself!

Materials Required
- 1 pkg. of Hot Blood Stix
- 1 Coroner's Cadaver Parts (Severed Hand)
- Small to medium sized wooden cutting board
- 3-4 Various latex or acrylic paints
- 1 Coroner's Cadaver Parts (Heart) (optional)
- 1 Bloody Butcher Intestines (optional)
- Meat cleaver or knife (optional)

Tools Required
- Safety goggles
- Latex gloves
- Hammer
- Sand-art bottles (or paper cups and eye-dropper)
- Hot glue gun

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Hot Blood Stix
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Coroner's Cadaver Parts (Severed Hand)
Coroner's Cadaver Parts (Severed Hand)
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Coroner's Cadaver Parts (Heart)
Coroner's Cadaver Parts (Heart)
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Bloody Butcher Intestines
Bloody Butcher Intestines
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The list of materials and tools required listed above as well as the measurements and some of the pricing provided in the instructions below are provided as examples. They are accurate for the item we built and may not exactly meet your needs. Please, before you go out and buy a bunch of materials and (possibly) tools, read the instructions below and determine what it is you need for your project. A few minutes of planning and preparation will save you a lot of time, frustration, and (possibly) money, too.

And, of course, please feel free to modify any of the instructions below if you know of a better way to accomplish some of the tasks we've described. If you do, please feel free to send them my way at We'd love to hear from you.


When doing any kind of work like this, please make sure to work safely and to follow all safety precautions on applicable tools and materials. Use common sense precautions to protect yourself and others from injury. Always wear your safety goggles, work in a well-ventilated space and when necessary, such as when using the solvents in this project, use a protective breathing mask.

Skeleton Foundry provides these instructions on an informational basis only. IN NO CASE WILL SKELETON FOUNDRY BE LIABLE FOR PERSONAL INJURY, DAMAGE TO PROPERY OR OTHER DAMAGES ARISING FROM YOUR USE OF THESE INSTRUCTIONS. You assume your own risk by doing so.


1. Please read all the instructions BEFORE you go out and buy anything.
2. Start by distressing your wooden cutting board. If you've got an old one that you've been thinking about replacing, then you are well on your way. If not, a trip to the dollar store or Goodwill store will get you what you need. Do not spend a lot of money. You don't need anything fancy and you are just going to beat it up and ruin it anyway. A few whacks with a hammer and/or a few scrapes and gouges with a screwdriver will do nicely.
3. Once you're finished taking out your aggressions on the cutting board, it's time to add a bit of color. Mix up some water and acrylic or latex paint in your sand art bottles or paper cups. I would use a mixture of 1/4 to 1/2 paint to 1/2 to 3/4 water. Remember, you're not trying to paint it. You just want to make it look like meat juices have stained it and not cleaned properly. Experiment with different colors (red, rust, black, orange, yellow, green, purple, etc.). And, don't get upset if the colors blend together.
4. Once you're satisfied with the stains, let it dry for about an hour.
5. If you want to use a meat cleaver or knife, you can again purchase one cheaply at the dollar store or the Goodwill. You want to make it look like the cleaver or knife has been sunk into the cutting board with a very powerful stroke. If you are comfortable with doing that, then proceed but please do so safely. Make sure no one else is around. If not, then hold it in place with one hand and tap it into the board with the hammer. You can also cut a slot into the cutting board with a Dremel tool and a cutting disk. (If you do, make sure to wear your safety goggles.) Make sure the knife or meat cleaver is seated securely in the wood.
6. After that is completed, it's time to select your "meat." A hand, a heart, and/or intestines (or any combination) will make for a great bloody display.
7. Before using the Hot Blood Stix, arrange your "meat" on the cutting board as you'd like it to be. And, for some extra gruesome-ness, try snipping off a finger or two or even cutting the heart in half.
8. If you've never "drawn" with a hot glue gun, you might want to practice with a stick or two of Hot Blood in order to get a feel for how it flows and pools.
9. Once you've got everything in its place and you've gotten some drawing practice under your belt, it's time to start getting bloody. Using your hot glue gun and a few Hot Blood Stix, apply the Hot Blood to your cutting board and your meat. Let it pool up at the cut points. And, if you used a meat cleaver, pool some Hot Blood at the point where it is sunk into the cutting board.
10. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Feel free to get as bloody and as gory as you'd like.
11. Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed this Halloween do-it-yourself project. Please let us know what you think at
12. Below are a couple more examples. Enjoy!
Disassembled skull. Disassembled skull.