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Do-It-Yourself Halloween Projects
If you're a do-it-yourselfer and you're looking for a place to go for instructions on how to build your own Halloween props and decorations, look no further!!

Monsterlist of Halloween Projects - links to instructions on how to build your own cemetery fence, tombstones, props, and even electronics projects - including robotics!!

HauntProject - a collection of links to Halloween related how-to's, organized by category, each represented by a picture of the finished product.

Halloween History & Folklore
Here is a list of links to information regarding the history and folklore surrounding our favorite holiday - Halloween!!  None of these links (separately) should be considered the definitive history of Halloween.  Some of them are repetitive while others may seem to contradict one another.  But, taken as a whole they offer a comprehensive look into the history, folklore, and traditions that have helped Halloween evolve into a favorite holiday of both children and adults.

The History of Halloween (from The History Channel)
Halloween around the world
The Origins of Halloween
Halloween History
History and Costumes of Halloween
Halloween: Myths, Monsters, and Devils
Halloween History
A Brief History of Halloween
Halloween (Wikipedia)

Halloween Hoaxes & Urban Legends
Here's a list of some funny and not so funny Halloween urban legends.

The 10 Scariest Urban Legends Ever Told
Adulterated Halloween Candy
Dangers in the Halloween Candy...a Myth
Candy Fears are Mere Halloween Phantoms
How often does Halloween candy tampering really happen?
Is This Hanged Man Real?
Urban Legends, Folklore, and Myths
Halloween Poisonings (Snopes)
Poisoned Candy Scare (Wikipedia)

Halloween Safety
When celebrating Halloween - like any other holiday, using common sense will keep you and your family safe and help you to have a great time.  As you've seen above, we here at Skeleton Foundry are pretty passionate about dispelling the "tainted candy" myth.  This one has been around for decades and has bugged us since we were kids.  We've all heard the stories about "that kid on the other side of town" that got rushed to the hospital because he bit into an apple with a razor blade in it, or a piece of candy that hand a needle in it, or the piece of candy that was laced with poison or drugs.  It's just not true!  Don't fall victim to the paranoia.  Teach your kids some common sense safety tips and they'll have a great time - and you will too!

Halloween Safety Alert (US Consumer Product Safety Commission)
Halloween Safety Tips (LA Fire Department)
Halloween Safety Rules (and kids safety game!)
Halloween Safety (Family Corner)

Halloween Recipes
Here's a list of some Halloween goodies you can serve at your next Halloween party.  Enjoy!

The Infamous Kitty Litter Cake
So many caramel Apples!
Sweets and more sweets
Halloween Recipe's Index

Halloween Clip-Art, Fonts, and Sounds
Want to create your own Halloween decorations, party invitations, or website?  Here's a collection of resources to help you get started.
Backgrounds, Borders, Images, and Lines

Halloween Entertainment & Games
Here are some Halloween-themed games and fun web sites.

Ben & Jerry's
Halloween Screensavers
More Halloween Screensaves
Zombie-themed iPhone Games

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