Skeleton Foundry
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Halloween 2008
We added a lot of new items to this year's Halloween yard haunt. And, some surprises inside, too. We spent a lot of time beefing up Pirate's Cove. We added a wooden dock (using old fence boards), a treasure chest, and a couple new pirate corpses (corpsified Bucky skeletons).

It even had it's own soundtrack which included seagulls calling, canon blasts, ocean waves crashing, and some bawdy sea shanties. We also added some silhouettes of tombstones and rolling hills in the grave yard to give it some depth and to help cover up the front window. Lastly, we added a newly-made scarecrow (corpsified Bucky skeleton) to help anchor the second spiderweb.

Click the pictures to see bigger images.

Pirate Cove Hangman's Cross
Pirate Cove Hangman's Cross
Pirate Captain Skeleton
Pirate Captain
Pirate Skeleton Corpse
Pirate Corpse
Cemetary Gateway Prop
Cemetery Gateway
Witch with bubbling cauldron
Witch and Bubbling Cauldron
Cemetary Walkway Skeletons
Cemetery Walkway
The Happy Skeleton Couple
Happy Skeleton Couple
Cemetery Coffin Prop
Cemetery Coffin
Cemetery Fence Prop
Cemetery Fence
Ghosts at the cemetery
Cemetery Ghosts
Moon behind the cemetery
Cemetery Moon
Cemetery display
Many cemetery tombstones
Many Cemetery Tombstones
Halloween Tree Prop in Cemetery
Cemetery Tree
Silhouettes of halloween cemetery props
Cemetery Silhouettes
Scarecrow Prop
Spiderweb with egg sacks props
Spiderweb and Egg Sacks
Cemetery Fence Prop
From Across the Street
bathroom bloodbath skeleton
Bathroom Halloween Decorations
Bathroom Decorations
Pirate Cove Halloween Props
Pirate Cove Props